Cannabis Cures Cancer Like Nothing Else!

Just the sound of the word marijuana coming out of a someone’s mouth is enough to raise political, religious, and moral debates among people who know of this ancient plant. For centuries, marijuana has been used in a variety of religious rituals and medical treatments, but one cannot deny that it has also been a substance that receives the most abuse from people who are keen on using recreational drugs. Though marijuana isn’t necessarily addictive, the use of it has been linked with juvenile delinquents breaking laws and ruining their lives. Is this all there is to marijuana? Is it truly a plant that people should veer away from because nothing good will ever come from it?

The answer is a resounding no, especially for Harvard University who fairly recently discovered that cannabis cures cancer.

Yes. This infamous plant that parents do everything in their power to keep away from their children can actually cure a disease that the medical community has treated with little success.

The Research According to studies conducted in Harvard University, one of the active ingredients of marijuana can cut the growth of tumor in lung cancer by half, and also greatly reduces the risk of the cancer to spread. Scientists who conducted a study on the active chemical said that this particular experiment was the first to show that THC, or “delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol” produces receptors that fight off lung cancer. The interesting thing about this is, THC helps fight off the types of lung cancers that over-express EGFR, the type that is very aggressive and is exceptionally resistant to treatments of chemotherapy. The THC found in cannabis that triggers cannabinoid receptor CB1 and CN2 display outstanding similarities to the function of endocannabinoids, substances that are naturally produced by the body and active two of these receptors. Scientists in the study suggest that the THC found in marijuana as well as other designer agents that trigger these receptors may be utilized in a targeted function for the treatment of lung cancer. According to Anju Preet, a doctor and researcher in the Division of Experimental Medicine, the good thing about this research is that a substance that is vulnerable to abuse opens up new roads for therapy when fighting against lung cancer.

Here’s a more interesting picture of how cannabis cures cancer.

A British pilot study employed clinical testing on rats in order to determine of the THC found in marijuana can actually put a halt on cancer growth. For about three weeks, scientists inject the same doses of THC into a group of mice that have been implanted with lung cancer cells. Through this research, the found out that the rats tumors significantly reduced in weight and size by 50% in all the treated mice as opposed to the control group. A 60% reduction in the cancer lesions and a significant reduction in cancer progression was also discovered.

What Does This Mean?

The health benefits of cannabis are not largely ignored in some parts of the world, but a majority still have negative pre conceived notions about this highly medicinal plant. Medical marijuana is a field that scientists and researchers must research on and delve into further. Cannabis cures cancer, and it has been solidly proven by a variety of studies, most of which are already mentioned above. If people want to fight cancer, they should be ready to challenge norms and traditional ways of thinking.

Cancer is something that needs an open mind in order to treat. If people keep imprisoning themselves with baseless opinions about the dangers of marijuana, the medical community will lose something that nature clearly gave them for their own advantage.

Cannabis cures cancer like nothing else! That is the fact.